Wednesday, November 19 2003

I’m in a particularly covetous mood today. My life is not complete without the following:

AV380 Video Recorder – an 80G harddrive with a screen. This would be a great thing to have as part of my digital photography kit. I could offload files to the drive, and get a better look at my images to see if my exposure settings were working as intended. The fact that it can play movies and MP3’s is frosting on the cake.

Sherline Deluxe 8-direction Milling Machine, CNC Ready – Really, no one should be deprived of such a powerful machine. If I had one of these, I’d be able to create just about any gizmo I wanted, including the rarely mentioned “Shoes with 1 million feet” device. This is a must have.

Liquitex Medium Viscosity Artist Colors – If I could only pick five colors, they would be Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue (#163), Cerulean Blue (#164), Cadmium Red Medium (#154), Mars Black (#276), and Titanium White (#432). The bigger the bottle the better. These paints in these colors produce an unlimited range of colors in a very specific pallete that I’m quite fond of. Also enjoyed in large quantities, Liquitex Gesso. Perfect for prepping any surface for fine illustrations. Avoid Liquitex’s BASIC brand. It’s made of water, dog slobber, and a smigden of pigment.

Windsor Newton University Brushes – Since we’re talking illustrations, these brushes are the ones for me. Relatively cheap, smooth, white, synthetic bristles that don’t fall out, and create any kind of line I want. I prefer Flat, Bright, and Round brushes of any size. Smaller Round brushes have legs, and are always in short supply. The key to spotting them in the wild – white bristles, red handles. The red handles encourage feelings of panic and aggression, which is exactly the feeling I try to portray in my work.

Roomba Robotic Floorvac – Robots will enslave humans eventually, but before they do, I’m going to take advantage of their stupidity while I still can. This one will suck dirt out of my carpets. Now that I own more carpet than I ever have, I’m thinking one of these would do well under my command.

Have I missed anything?