King of Sweat

Tuesday, November 18 2003

I’ve been doing some thinking after having done some research. Apparently, Google thinks that I am the expert on sweat (check out the rough logs for yourself). Yep, sweat. I get more referers from Google reference sweaty topics than anything else. Sweaty Britney Spears, sweaty heads, sweaty hands, sweaty windows, sweaty pits, sweaty neck. I’m the king of sweat.
I’ve decided that because Google says so, I’m now the King of Sweat. If you’re interested in sweat (I know you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here) then you should know right up front that I sweat profusely. It dribbles from my face regardless of the air temperature, and practically showers out of my pits. I wear terry cloth robes, and frequently change them. I sit in a wading pool to avoid flooding the house. My sweat is prevelant, and that’s what makes me the king of sweat.