Advanced Stickies

Monday, November 10 2003

I had an idea for a little application that I think would be cool. OS X has a program called Stickies that mimics real life Post It notes. As far as I know, that’s basically all it does. Retains sticky yellow notes.

I think it would be clever if I could stick those stickies to an application window. I thought the easiest approach, at least for Windows, would be to have them show up as a little yellow icon in the title bar of the application. They would be linked with that window for either the life of the window, or for the life of the application, depending on how you wanted it. Don’t want to link the sticky to an application window? Fine, it behaves just like a regular, independant sticky.

I often open dozens of windows with the intention of coming back to some later on, and I think this would be helpful for me to remind myself of my thought process at the time I opened the window.

And perhaps more powerful might be if a Stickies like program could squirrel away some metadata about what you routinely put in. So if I opened up a few tabs in my web browser for later viewing and added some notes about why I wanted to see them in the first place, it’d be cool if the app stored all of those notes and URLs in a single place for analysis later. Or if I put simple todo items on the Sticky, have it so I could go and see a master list, organized by the Sticky I created. I think that’d be a super useful app stuff.

The biggest hurdle, and maker-or-breaker of this nice little tool? The interface. It would have to be nice looking, unobtrusive, but easy to get to at the same time. Docking a sticky to the application window of choice would need to be super easy, and fast.