Organization Project: Step 1

Sunday, November 09 2003

I’m going to try some techniques to keep myself organized on my computer. The first among what I hope are many techniques is to use the computer’s file system to organize files according to subject. At first, I don’t think I’ll automatically know what kind of hierarchy I’ll have, but it will probably become obvious pretty quickly. I should be able to drag just about anything to these folders, include URLs from IE or Mozilla, email messages, documents from email or the current file system, and probably more that I haven’t thought of.
Using the file system rather than some kind of application means that I can easily move the root folder to another computer or operating system. I think that eventually I might move the entire thing to a removable solid state drive (depends on how big this thing gets), which makes it application and computer independant
Going this way, however, means I can’t truly put something into two categories (if file folders are category based). I can put one file in a folder, and shortcut or symlink to another, but there is always one file as the root. In other words, there’s a bit of overhead to multiple categories for single entities of information that I’m not willing to deal with.