Shaved Ape Baby and Items of Less Interest

Tuesday, October 28 2003

Carrie and I were in the checkout line the other night, and the headline on the Weekly World News said “Osama and Sadam adopt shaved ape baby”.

Shaved ape baby? That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I want a subscription. And why do they need to adopt? And since when were they together? And why shave an ape? If that’s not chicken soup for the soul, I don’t know what is.

I’ve been slowly building up a skateboarding photography

album. I’ll probably add a few today - had a good session shooting at Department of Skateboarding in Portland. I’ve learned that cheap equipment (like a ten dollar optical slave driver) fail in the times of need. Although, last night I learned that the SB-80DX flash can take sequences. I was taking about three frames per second with full flash. That’s fantastic.

Leah spoke her first sentence last night. She even used it in context.  I handed her a crayon, and she was very polite, and said “Thank you.” At this rate, she’ll have full command of the English language by the age of 2. Several weeks ago she was at about 37 words – now, I’m sure it would be nearly 100 or more. The rate it which babies progress is astounding.

And did I mention Otto? I did, but I didn’t mention that it’s actually me. Inspired by Letters from a Nut years ago, I decided that it was my calling in life to entertain those who answered letters, and those who read them afterwards. I have a letter from Pantene right now that’s pure gold, but I’m too busy to put it up. This is the last I will mention my affiliation with Otto however. I’m hoping to develop his character a little further, make him more believable.