Violence and Video Games

Tuesday, October 21 2003

Having family members shot and killed by deranged teenagers is a terrible thing. Blaming the deaths of your family members on a video game, then suing the designers of the video game

for $246 million is unbelievable.

I’m tired of people trying to link video games to violent crimes. Lack of strong parental guidance and the lack of advocating personal responsibility have far greater blame than a mere video game. Kevin Durkin and Bonnie Barber published evidence that suggest the complete opposite of what the media supposes - that video games actually produce a positive outcome in teenagers who play them.

A study conducted by the Washington State Health Department had mixed results, but found that for the most part, that teens who were considered delinquent or violent preferred non-violent video games, and good teens preferred the violent ones.

There are literally countless numbers of publications that strongly suggest that there is absolutely no correlation between real life violence among teens who play violent video games.

I truly do feel sorry for the families involved here, but blaming video games is never going to work. It’s an easier target to blame than broken families, families where both parents work, parents who are poor examples of model citizens, abusive families, drug abuse among families, families where the needs of the children are eclipsed by the wants and desires of the parents.