600 Words

Wednesday, September 24 2003

It’s when I have the most ideas that I’m the least productive. What a curse. I’m going to finish a project, then become single focused, or else I will continue to flail about in my constant forays. Before I make this “singly focused” attempt, I have to get some things out in the open.

I’ve been thinking heavily lately about the social dynamics of the Internet, both in it’s current state and in the past. I realize I have little but intuition and previous experience to guide me, I’m no researcher. I’ve come to a single conclusion: the Internet isn’t much of anything, and for the most part is a big waste. The equipment, the investment, the wires, the constant progress, the hype, the constant consumption and desire for new information. The total crap to good stuff ratio is so in favor of total crap. It’s still very rare to see truly good and innovative stuff. I’m tired of that.

I’m starting to get really interested in skateboarding photography. I’ve been thumbing through my mags and I can usually figure out how and why the composed the shot they did, how many flashes, if any, they used, what kind of lens, and even aperatures and shutter speeds. Which isn’t to say I’d be any good at it, but I think with some practice I could get some shots into a skateboarding mag. I know enough about my gear, composition, and skateboarding to make photographs with some impact. At least that’s what I tell myself now.

We’re looking for a house. Being so transitory for the past two or four years has stoked the embers of a desire for stability into a raging inferno. We’re not anti-travel now, we just want a home base.

I’m looking forward to having a new home office, hopefully one where I can pursue some serious pursuits effectively. For me, I need an unchanging environment. If I leave the office, and come back two hours later, the computer needs to be in the same state, the papers on the desk, the mouse, the temperature. I’m hoping to do that, which means I’ll need to make sure Carrie has an effective space as well. I need a good chair, and no wires visible at all. I need massive speakers, plenty of music, and stylish, yet effective CD/DVD storage. I don’t need a good view, in fact, good views slow me down. I’m highly prone to distraction, to the point where I get distracted from whatever is distracting me.

A yard is good too. I want to grow watermelons. And I want a mini halfpipe. And a work shop so I can maybe weld things, or make art, or squeeze things in a bench mounted vise. A hose for water fights. Private fences so I can dig trenches without having to wear pants. I want to be able to sustain my home with income solely from the Internet, from work that I’ve done once, so that I can spend time with my family, and make mud pies on a Tuesday at 11am.