Not Even Busy

Tuesday, September 16 2003

There’s no excuse for my latest absence of entries. But I will say this:

Photos of England</A>

Also, I was thinking about how cool TiVo is, but only if you have a lot of channels to unleash it on. Currently I have about 5 channels that aren’t home shopping network channels. This really seems to limit TiVo. But it is impressive to know that I can say without a doubt that my TiVo is getting the best shows possible, given its choices.

I saw a commercial on TV the other day. Some bar of soap that was called a “bath bar” instead of saying it was some weird combination of fat and lye or whatever soap is made of. The female voiceover was speaking in a smooth, soothing voice about how this bar had secret ingredients to make your skin the softest possible. Then it spilled the beans, and came right out and said “And that secret ingredient is Shea Butter”. What the hell? If it’s so secret, why tell me what it is not two seconds after working me up into this “Oooo, a secret” frenzy? And what on earth is Shea Butter?

And I’ve been reading while I walk to work. I point myself in the direction of work, and before I know it, I’m there, unharmed. Somehow I manage to get  so completely absorbed in reading that I don’t even remember my “commute”. It’s faboo-luss.

Finally, once again, I need a haircut. I had a good haircut in England a while ago, and I’m so opposed to change that I’m now resisting getting it done. But I must! Today I will do it after work. No matter how bad my hair looks when it’s freshly cut, it always looks worse when it’s covering my eyes.