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Monday, September 01 2003

Yet again I’m thinking about consuming 10,000 feeds


The thing is, while I see it intriguing to have tons of data at my fingertips, I can’t yet think of anything new or exciting to do with the data. Sure, I’ll be able to quickly search for stuff. Maybe find new blogs, make contact with some interesting people based on those discoveries, but I want more than that.

I want to be like Lex Luther, and feel like I have some evil power over everyone else because I was clever enough to do the job, and then I want to laugh with my fist out in front of me, crushing the air. And I want a jaunty suit and either no hair, or at least a sharp haircut.

I want my billions to be made off of selling a new soft drink, the design of which I extrapolated from the 10,000 weblogs, marketing the drink with the very engine that came up with the formula to begin with.

And then I want a putting green. 8 feet by 10 feet, with real Astro Turf.

And a Segway with flames on it.

And you might think I’m being sarcastic. Perhaps making a satire of what marketing entities think of blogs, but I kid you not. I want a Lex Luther suit, and the means to get there is by consuming every known feed to man and turning it into my very own Golden Goose.

So, any ideas for what I can do with this data?