Country Roads, Take Me Home

Monday, August 25 2003

I’ve been driving. A lot.

We’ve been taking the long way to Oregon from California where we left our only vehicle before leaving for England. We’ve managed to only stay in two motels on our now five day journey, and one of those motels was because we were rained out of a campsite in southern Utah. Rain drops the size of water balloons. Ear splitting thunder. Hail. You would escape it too if the fury of mother nature was being unleashed above you.

We’re now in Boise, visiting friends. Our daughter has her first ever fever, and is nearly walking after seeing an almost two year old walking with such ease. I’m using a broadband connection for the first time in exactly four months. It’s like breathing fresh air after breathing with your head buried in sand.

I’ve thought little of technology – it’s been the last thing on my mind. Not only am I still fighting jetlag, but I’m more concerned about staying awake while driving on endless roads than I am worried about things like RSS feeds or web services.

Tomorrow we make our way home, over the Cascades into our lush Willamette valley home. We’ve been gone so long, we’re really looking forward to holding still, at least for a few weeks.