Young Posh and Loaded

Thursday, August 14 2003

It’s a shame that within a day or so I won’t be able to continue watching the British show called Young Posh and Loaded because I’m going home. The show follows teenagers/early twenties kids who have absolutely filthy rich parents, and follows them as they follow their “ambitions”. The show basically gives you enough fodder to mock the filthy rich for being such idiots, but at the same time makes you want to kick their collective asses for pissing away so much money.

As an example, their following the daughter of a British politician who’s also a billionaire. She’s white as a lily, has a fine British accent, and is breaking onto the rap/hip-hop scene in Manhattan, because, as she puts it, Manhattan is the “get-toe”. She’s also a belly dancer (she’s had a lesson), and plans on combining rap and belly dancing, because she has the talent, and she’s convinced that she’ll topple the boy bands as well as Christina and Britney.

“If you mess up, keep dancing, the audience is too stupid to know”. Yeah. Keep it up there smarty, and I’ll keep my eye out for you on TRL.

Speaking of going home, I’ve been growing my beard to look like one of the dudes in the Kings of Leon, and learned whatever song they’ve been playing over and over here (a power chord with a well timed finger lift), and I plan on having a full on rock and roll guitar smashing of the guitar I bought from the back of some dude’s car for twenty quid. It’s going to be fantastic.