Tinfoil Jorge

Saturday, July 12 2003

I almost forgot! Actually, I did, completely, but now I’ve recalled it, so story starts now:

A few weeks ago we, being sister, step-dad, and sister’s boyfriend were in London on our way somewhere by foot. We were standing near an Underground station on the surface getting our bearings when a Mexican guy came up to me and just started speaking full on heavy duty Spanish.

Lucky for him, I speak a little Spanish, and Mexican Spanish at that (I tried speaking the Spanish to actual Spaniards, and they gave me the finger with just their eyes). So I figured out that he was trying to get to Covent Garden or some place like that, and we were speaking brilliant and fluent Spanish for a good 5 minutes when I realized that he actually wanted to know how to get there by bus, not tube. I laughed nervously, thinking he might become enraged when I broke the news that I knew nothing of the bus system, and that he’d have to figure it out himself.

He laughed happily, putting me at ease, but then, and I joke not – a piece of metal foil flew out of his mouth and stuck to my arm. I chuckled, pointed at it, and he picked it off my arm, and walked away.

Talk about bizarre, but even more bizarre is the fact that this man was the voice for the bumble bee man on the Simpsons.

100% of that story is true, although, I admit, parts of it were mere guesses.