Some Tech With Your Order?

Tuesday, July 01 2003

I’ve been torn a bit lately, and I’m not the only one

. I’m trying to decide if I should maintain an entire technical blog on ColdFusion, or if I should use the current one, or if I should just forget the idea all together.

If I look at it one way, everyday I’m coming up with ColdFusion related technical solutions, and I haven’t been hot on talking about them. Mainly because I think people would get bored of reading it. I like to think that people come to my site to see if I’ve found a ‘possum living in the back of my pick up truck (it happened once, not sure if I wrote about it, and can’t tell because the search is broken on my site (because I’m lazy)) or to see what new and exotic locale I’ve dragged my family to.

But when I get to thinking like that, I say “Hey, who’s this site for? You, or them?”. The answer isn’t black and white, but a shade of gray. About 80% of me says its for me. I enjoy stepping back and seeing what I wrote a few years ago, and I enjoy just doing writing stuff in general. But at the same time, I enjoy thinking that others find my stories interesting or funny, and I don’t want to lose that.

And then I think about myself, and the likelihood that I could keep another site up to date. It’s not impossible, but I have a high degree of confidence that I’d get a single entry up, and that would be it, and then I’d feel like a big fat jerk. Much like I feel about most of the projects I start and never finish.

But then, never writing about ColdFusion isn’t helpful either. I miss out on cataloging solutions I might benefit from in the future. Having ColdFusion solutions on my site helps new visitors (or existing ones who check out my heavily content laden ColdFusion section) with problems. Everyone gains. I think that as long as I don’t decrease the amount of “look at this stupid thing I did” stories, adding ColdFusion entries isn’t such a big deal.

So, I’m going to give a go at sneaking in some technical content now and then, and see how it goes. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to call the expirement a success or not. We’ll just see what happens.