Busy Four Day Weekend

Tuesday, June 24 2003

My stepdad, sister and her boyfriend arrived for a visit on Friday, and we’ve been right tourists since, showing them how we’ve been living and spending time seeing the sights. It’s been busy, so a quick summary:


Spent most of the day floating down the Thames on a hired motorboat. This was very enjoyable, as I’m fond of anything that moves by harnessing the power of combustion or any other power for that matter. Seeing England from the river instead of the motorway is very different, and certainly more peaceful, and it’s something I’d really like to do again. It was my first time piloting a boat, and I felt like quite the Captain of my ship.


Trained it into London again and visited Camden Market, the London Eye, Speakers Corners, and did a lot of Underground travel. Got completely knackered after jumping on some combination trampoline/bungee jump device in front of the Saatchi. Still sore today.


Drove out to the Cotswolds to see some quaint English villages. Stopped in one called Bilbury where the ducks were so hungry they were literally trying to eat us. Kip picked up a duck.


Carrie and I drove out to Henley on Thames, and on the way back found a backroad out into the hills where we found a green field with far too many flies to be normal. We quickly vacated, and didn’t do much more until dinner, where Carrie ate a sea bass at a nice Thai place on the river.

We have photos of all of this, but there’s some work that needs to be done on the photo album software, so they’ll have to wait.