Mini Me

Sunday, June 08 2003

I can’t get my mind off the Mini. They’re everywhere in the UK, and the newest ones are very attractive. It doesn’t hurt that the Mini USA

site is well done either. Carrie and I are going to arrange a tour to go see Mini’s being made, we are both so into the idea of a Mini. I’ll have to leave the checkbook at home because I’m just about sold on one, and I have yet to even drive one.

If I get one, I won’t settle for anything less than the full deal. Heated seats, panoramic sun roof. Leather. Voice guided, GPS aided, DVD driven navigation system. There’s no point in getting such a lovely little machine unless it’s well appointed, and overall, the payments don’t change all that much over 60 months. The one add on that kicks the payments up a bit is the kit that brings the horsepower up to 200hp. That one may be hard to justify, but if you’re into selling Mini’s in the Maidenhead, Berks UK area, and you have one with the 200hp add-on kit, one test drive and you’ll probably have a sale.

I’ll even take a right drive one if we can get it back cheaply to the states. Paint the Union Jack on top, and I’ll be the envy of every Britophile in the states.

And while I’m drooling over the Mini I should also mention that I’m set on winning the lottery too. Odds are, my number will come up eventually, just as the odds are that a gopher will bore through the earth and chew my feet off as I write this. But when I win it, man, watch out, because here comes Michael in a Mini.