Drat the Dreaded Slump

Thursday, May 15 2003

I really do have nothing to say. I’m know it must be a curiosity to some about how I’m handling living in a new country, but there’s really not much to say. Aside from the odd bits of vocabulary differences, work is the same, home life is the same, and goals and desires are the same. Even the weather is the same.

I think not having an Internet connection at home has really put a stop to a lot of blog reading, and communication, which perhaps explains the recent lack of blog entries. And with the intensity of my day job, it’s very difficult to justify taking some time to update my site.

So, all I can say is hang in there. We’re moving into a house hopefully this weekend, at which point I’ll do my best to get a better connection so I can do some serious work, and some serious blog updates.