Tuesday, April 29 2003

I keep meaning to sit down and write an extensive report of my travels thus far, and what has happened since I’ve arrived in lovely England, but I have to say, both my jetlag and work schedule is intense. Additionally, I have no Internet access at home, and updating at work is difficult at best.

I’ll give a teaser story though.

Danish Pig Snorter

I’ve accepted that my lot in life is to sit next to lunatics on airplanes. Between Seattle and Copenhagen, I thought I’d dodged fate and managed to sit next to a normal person. Somewhere over Greenland, after having a plump Danish lady open mouth snore right in my ear, I decided to intervene. I nudged her with my elbow. Without any exaggeration, I swear she began snorting like a pig. I was elated at first, my little coup against the snoring had resulted in a very funny situation, but elation turned into fear as she kept going. After a good minute or two (an eternity), she woke up and scratched her head for a minute or so, then resumed open mouth snoring.