Brain Damage

Wednesday, April 09 2003

I was messing around with stuff on the webserver and broke it all. And then I thought “dang, I’m too busy to deal with this right now” and let it sit for a day or two. But as I was eating lunch, it suddenly came to me how to fix the problem, and it took me all of two minutes.

Planning for this England trip is turning me into an idiot. My mind is all curfuffled


Bad news. My fix fixed everything but the Moveable Type sites and anything PHP related. And I’m really not going to touch those until next Tuesday, when the new servers arrive.

Also, I’m an ASS member for the month of April, which means I get to fall on my ass more. Did I mention I own I love that. I keep meaning to put a logo of someone hauling a donkey in a wheelbarrow up, and pointing the domain there. I think that’s so clever.