Cut It Out or Something

Monday, April 07 2003

Traffic has quadrupled in the last four days. And I have no idea why. I’ve looked at the referers, but they show no new sources of traffic. It apparently looks like honest to goodness traffic from individuals or robots. I don’t discriminate between the two, so I’m happy either way.

But bandwidth is pinched! I can’t even get to my own site half the time from the office, and people keep sending me messages saying “oh hell fury Michael! Your site is down, are you crapping your pants or what?!”. The truth is, I care not, because:

Good things are afoot. I ordered two new webservers to host my projects which will very shortly be living at

 (a standup, no monkey business company). These servers do it all, including robotic massage. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either as I get ready to pack up my apartment and move what I’m guessing is 200,040 miles away. My apartment is currently the high tech colo facility, and when I say high tech, I’m lying. It really is just a router and two servers piled in a heap in the corner, providing a safe warm haven for the hordes of horse ants in my house.

Which leads me to a point. I’ll have two computers that I won’t be lugging to England with me. I’m looking for a good cause (which includes donating them to family). If you have a truly good idea for what to do with them, let’s hear it.