Audio Capture

Tuesday, April 01 2003


busted out some big thinking about recording the audio of your day, and using the audio to extract useful information. He says it a lot better than I, but I have to say, if I had an iPod or some device that I could use to review my conversations past, I’d find that very helpful. I’d win more arguments thats for sure, because I already remember everything I said exactly, but others often require proof.

But if I were the type to forget ideas and conversations, it would be great to be able to search the pure audio stream of my day to see what I said, and what was said to me. It might help me become a better person, because I might listen/read my previous conversations and realize that I might have been overly confident, cocky, or prone to exagarration. I’d see where I stepped on people’s toes, and where I could improve in my conversation skills. I’d be the perfect conversationist.

Also, even before Anil mentioned, I was thinking it would be really nice to have a portable Audivo. Like a Tivo, for audio. Plug it into your car stereo, use it to rewind live audio for those times when people scream almost understanble gibberish out their car windows as you’re roller skating in an acorn costume.