Ah, Sweet Sweet Dimentia

Friday, March 28 2003

I have no qualms talking about my dreams, because darnit, they’re whacked, and worth mentioning.

I’m not big on recurring dreams, or even themes, but lately one thing has been popping up, and whether it’s a theme or what is up for judgment. One night at SXSW I woke myself up by singing “cowpants bubbleboy”. I’m talking real singing (well, real for me, not like Celine Dion or Britney Spears [shameless google bait]). I thought it was special.

Last night I had two significant dreams. The first was pretty vague, but I do remember waking up, and feeling that the most important thing I could do at that moment was say “cowboy bubblepants”. Notice the theme? Cow, boy, bubble, pants. Pants boy cow bubble. Boy cow bubble pants. It’s the perfect combination of words. No matter which order you put them in, they’re great fun.

The second dream started with an endless can of silly string. It was great! I was walking around work attacking people with silly string. I felt like I would get in trouble by someone, so when I did cover someone with silly string, it was accompanied by a lot of nervous laughter and had to be done quickly so I could run away.

Speaking of google bait, I’m tired of people coming to my site looking for the Michael Jackson Thriller Video. Let me state clearly: I do not have the Michael Jackson Thriller Video anywhere on my site. Please stop trying to guess where it’s hidden, stop emailing me, stop sending me pictures of you impersonating Michael Jackson.