Where I Stand (or Shift Nervously).

Tuesday, March 25 2003

Erik asked if I were for or against the war, and I couldn’t answer 100% either way. I’m certainly supportive of our troops – they’re real people taking real risks for the benefit of others. My grandfather was in World War II in an intelligence position (aka spy) and risked his life constantly for the benefit of our country. Putting sacrifice into perspective; I just spent two weeks away from my six month old daughter, and it was heart wrenching. My grandfather didn’t even get to see his first son born, let alone see him for the first six months of his life. I understand, if only for that one reason, the sacrifice soldiers are making for our country.

But, this is what’s keeping me from making a firm stand. I don’t think Iraq threatens our freedom. There’s a supposed link between Iraq and al Qaeda, but it is yet to be proven. But when I hear war supporters saying “We’re getting our revenge” it baffles me, because again, no link has been made. I’m also not for getting revenge. I’m for defending our freedom. I support hunting down al Qaeda not for revenge, but because they want to harm our country, and hunting them down is defensive. If the link is proven, and it’s compelling, I’ll support the war.

Right now, I think the war is a waste. I think we’re putting our troops at unneeded risk, making some pretty big waves in world politics, and spending an enourmous amount of money. If the link isn’t made between Iraq and al Qaeda, what good will the war do? We’ll spend at least $95 billion, our troops will occupy Iraq for years to come, our military will likely be spread thin, and the enemy will still be at large (with new enemies itching to hurt us).