I Too Wish for Peace

Wednesday, March 19 2003

This is an impressive example

of group organization. I pains me to think that the energy these people expend will do little to stop a war where hundreds of thousands of our troops could benefit from their support instead. I respect those who stand for what they believe in, don’t get me wrong. But at this point efforts to stop the war by means of protest don’t seem effective. Perhaps unity might help hasten the end of the inevitable by boosting morale.

There’s no question morale reduces the loss of life for our troops. And perhaps because of the nature of technology and war, increased morale might result in a decrease in the lives of those we’re fighting against. The stated goals are to take out military targets and infrastructure that helps Saddam remain in power. If our troops can do their jobs with our support, perhaps this can finish quicker than we think.

I know it almost sounds like I’m suggesting that peace protests will be to blame for loss of life, but I don’t feel that to be true at all, don’t think it for a second.

Also, another thought I had: imagine the good that could be done if people rallied together and organized quickly and effeciently like they are for peace protests. Protesting the failing health care system, helping feed the hungry, fighting to save music and arts in public schools, building homes for the homeless, donating blood, increasing literacy; the list goes on. Take your pick, give it the same passion as a peace protest, and you’ll increase the peace more effectively than you would with peaceful or riotous protests.

What’s your take?