Monday, March 17 2003

Reading Jason’s post

about his first weblog entry five years ago motivated me to go check out my old ones. I read this entry from time to time to remind me of the passion I had for things. I wrote this entry, and within a few months had co-founded a company, and made some great friends and learned a whole heck of a lot. I regret that I didn’t do much blogging during the incubation of It would be interesting to read, and be able to share with others.

I still have this kind of enthusiasm, but it’s interesting to look back and see how it’s changed. Before I had a sort of “I’m going to kick ass no matter what” kind of attitude, but now I know that that alone doesn’t cut it. You have to know how to kick ass, sure, but you don’t get far if you don’t stop and think things out, and strategize more. So, if I was a bar room brawler then, I’m closer to a ninja now. I didn’t say I was a ninja alltogether, but I’m closer than I was nearly five years ago.