Amazon Women

Tuesday, February 18 2003

Carrie and I have been having matching themes in our dreams, and we think it’s an omen. When she dreams of Al Qaeda rats, I dream of rats infesting the fridge. When she dreams of snakes eating meatloaf, I dream of living snakes as furniture design elements. We’re watching the same things on TV or reading the same news stories or something.

And now that I bring that I up, I should mention that I have little else to talk about because I’ve been working like a total freak at work, and most nights.

Which reminds me. Tomorrow is the second episode of the Survivor:Amazon season. As most people know, Carrie and I are quite literally obsessed with Survivor. We have been since season one. It’s unhealthy to enjoy it this much, and we don’t care. You’re required to love it too, because this time, it’s guys against girls. What do you think of Survivor?