El Amor De La Muchacha I

Friday, February 14 2003

People like me think that when you drop down into a deep voice and speak a little spanish in a slow rolling of the tongue way that it stokes the fire of love and passion. ¡la pasión!

See how sexy that was? It’s Valentines day, which means I’m talking like that a lot today. I have an index card with all the right words to say to Carrie when I get home from work.

Five years ago I spent all day making the one and only true meal I ever succeeded at not making people sick with. Tortellini with Italian squash. It was splendid, a delight for the tongue, and I swear I was guided by angels to make it because that meal was to be special, and never to be made again. I bought one hundred tea light candles at Ikea, and one hundred tiny glass tealight candle holders, and placed them, unlit, around my apartment. I went to the wholesale flower warehouse behind my apartments, and bought perhaps three dozen tulips. I spread them throughout the apartment, and put the final touches on the meal. At exactly five minutes before Carrie was to get home, I ran frantically around the apartment lighting candles. That was a lot harder than I thought, but as I finished mere seconds before she came in.

I’ll let Carrie describe her reaction on her blog, but needless to say, she was floored.

I proposed to her that night. It was my plan from the start, and I knew that a stunning meal + candles + tulips = yes.

There’s no question that I should have asked her. Carrie is simply a wonderful person. I still scratch my head in astonishment, wondering how I could ever deserve her. She’s caring, funny, smart, and the most recent discovery – she’s an excellent mother. Her creative talents are immense to say the least, and she shares them with our precious daughter.

I had no doubts five years ago about whether it was the right thing to do, and I have no doubts about our future. I am truly blessed.