New Design

Saturday, February 01 2003

Finally, the full update. Actually, that’s a total lie, because there a couple of little mini features that I’ve yet to finish, but this is good enough for now. Notice my handy dandy expiration dates indicator. No more talk of drink rancid milk for me, I have the bad milk indicator.

Also, the past several photos I’ve taken with my SideKick show up on the left. I take the picture with my phone, email them to a special email address, and a ColdFusion component checks the email for new pics. It’s really cool.

Also in the update, I put a n

amount of comments indicator. That’ll help remind me that people do indeed make comments. The search engine has been updated to be a little more accurate as well as user friendly. And the links section now pulls link feeds from selected MoveableType users who decide to syndicate their links.

And they layout – it’s more accessable, closer to the XHTML spec than the last (although still sloppy) and stretches to fit any browserwidth.

What’s to come? Product reviews, my illustration/photography/video expirements, site case studies and other web toys.

Tell me what you think, and tell me if you find any bugs or browser issues.