Another Update

Wednesday, January 29 2003

Just heard my Dad’s operation went well. I’ll probably hear from him tonight, but if I don’t, it’s probably because he’s still too groggy or tired.

Incidentally, it’s time I start eating healthier. I’m basically a mirror image of my Dad physically, just not as tall. When he was in his twenties, his lung collapsed. When I was in my twenties, my lung collapsed. His was from shaping surf boards without a mask, mine was from falling off a trampoline, or skateboarding, or snowboarding (doctor said it was from a fall, I was falling a lot around that time). But he also said it was likely to also be genetic.

So, even though I hate it now, I’ve gotta start eating more fish instead of beef. So, for all those who have been begging me to eat sushi, your time of triumph is fast approaching.