The Magic Is Gone

Tuesday, January 21 2003

I was all amped up about doing dance moves, but apparently no one wants to see me boogie. It’s a shame.


came up with a good idea last night at dinner though: Is it Australia or Not. I could take a picture of my food, and people could rate how close to looking like Australia my dinner was. Brilliant!

My left arm has been twitching for two days. It’s not a mystery as to why either. I was telling Carrie about how violent kids are (well, mainly boys, and mainly just me), and that led into letting her punch me really hard in the arm. Well, she used the oft misunderstood knuckle shot, which gave me a fleeting monkey bump on my arm. It protruded about a half inch for a few seconds, but not long enough for Carrie to see it. She thinks I imagined it, but she forgets about things like swellbow, and his cousins hipper and pickle finger. And now my arm twitches.