Dear Man Who Hassles,

Tuesday, January 21 2003

Meeting you this morning outside of the Xerox building 63 was not a highlight. Sometimes one forgets his/her card key, and cannot gain access to the building. As I stood in the rain, waiting for someone to come along and modify my situation, I saw you approaching and was happy. You played a trick on the door with your hip and a special nudge and push, and opened the door. I exclaimed with joy for having the door opened, but felt ashamed for not having tried the hip move with added special nudge and push earlier.

When I said “Wow, I guess that’s the trick” you looked at me with great confusion, perhaps annoyed. I wanted to follow you in, but as you began to go in, you blocked my way. Why did you do that? You asked a lot of questions. “Who’s your boss? Where do you work? What department are you in?”. You kept asking. I kept answering. You asked me who the CEO was. I asked you back. You got the current CEO wrong. You stumbled, and got halfway through the old CEO’s name before getting it right.

Did you know I had a meeting at 8:30am, and that as you were eyeing my special telephone

with fear and curiosity it was exactly 8:31am? Did you know that I had just walked to work in the pouring rain? I think you must have, as I made a great effort to make myself clear.

I apologize for storming past you. I’m glad you didn’t resort to holding me back. I’m not saying I would have hurt you, but that little special nudge hip push nudge thump trick probably wouldn’t be looked upon as a good thing. I’m not happy that you followed me for five minutes as I walked to my cube. I had to do what I could to change the power struggle.

That wasn’t a nice thing for you to do, and I believe you were being very hypocritical with your Fonzi stylings.

I urge you to reply.