Small World

Wednesday, January 15 2003

When it was dryer than it is now, I was hitting the Oregon skateparks pretty frequently. The best of the parks are built by Dreamland

, a name that is pretty legendary for those who care about nice skateparks. They started the legendary status with Burnside, which appears in one of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. A picture of Newberg has graced my site for at least the past several months.

Kent Dahlgren, the guy who handles public relations and media stuff for Dreamland found my site through My educated guess after looking at my google referers log file is that he searched for sites linking to The fact that he went as far as page four to find my site shows tenacity.

It turns out that Kent also works for Xerox, and that we’ve been working a hundred feet away from each other since August, and we didn’t find this out until he figured out through my site that I too was working for Xerox.

So today, over Thai food, we realized that not only did we work at the same place, but that we’d shared similar experiences over the past few years. Fatherhood, dot com stories, skateboarding injury stories, pranks, Oregon drivers and thier complete lack of driving courage which drives us both nuts. It was a good lunch, and hopefully now that I know a man on the inside I can have the opportunity of hurting myself on their new parks before anyone else does. Had I gotten more than three hours of sleep the night before, I might not have sounded like Ozzy.