Say Hello to Carrie

Tuesday, January 07 2003

I should have mentioned this earlier, but my wife Carrie

is blogging again.

If I were less tired this morning, I’d say something special about how husband/wife blogs might give insight into married life. But I’m too tired. I fell asleep and woke up at least sixteen times last night. My legs weren’t comfortable. They felt like kicking things.

I did come up with a semi-lucid idea this morning though (or was that last night?). Because I have this problem of drinking rancid milk or not getting my hair cut, I’ve decided to build a calculator section on this site that will use kick ass information design techniques to save me from the hair and the milk. I’m sure I can use it for other things too. It could remind me to pay my bills, or give someone a monthly compliment. It’s going to be stupendous.

Also, speaking of site additions, I’ve been working feverishly at developing a standards compliant layout for the site, as well as a layout that is accessible to audio browsers.

My motivation? It’s simple. I sat down at my computer, then closed my eyes, and tried performing even the easiest of computing tasks. For me, it was impossible. If I had a screen reader, perhaps I could do more than nothing. Designing my site to work well with audio browsers is easy to do with CSS and some design techniques. The amount of effort put in is dwarfed by the value it can provide to just a single person.