Friday, January 03 2003

I desired more width on the site, and decided the quick way would be to simply add on a few pixels to the right column. This way I could fit two columns of navigation, giving me more room to add the many interesting things I don’t currently have linked up.

But then I started playing with the style sheet, because the old blue

color was bugging out my eyes. But then I began to realize that I wasn’t making very good use of CSS and standards, and began setting out to fix that. Now it’s stuck halfway between.

My ultimate goal is to have the site use strict XHTML with CSS controlling the presentation. I’m also trying to make it pretty accessible, although I have no tools other than a few text browsers to approximate how it will end up looking/sounding. So far, the text browsers handle it very well, displaying nicely formatted blog entries, following by the site navigation, which is the way I like it.

What do you think of the new layout?