With Resolve

Thursday, January 02 2003

1. Cut my hair before it begins to put strain on my neck.
2. Give the milk a sniff before consumption.
3. Finish what I start.
4. Resume my editorial illustration career.
5. Make serious progress on the big fancy secret project.
6. Fall down less.
7. Become 100% debt free.
8. Teach Leah

morse code instead of English as her first language.
9. Actually truly care more about friends and family.
10. Eat less Wheat Thins.
11. Build a halfpipe.
12. Come up with a perfect system for managing wires.
13. Register my truck in Oregon.
14. Realize my dream of training turkeys to play ping pong in the local county competitive table tennis circuit.
15. Ride a Segway.
16. Let die.
17. Let flourish.
18. Armwrestle an astronaut, preferably Buzz Aldrin.
19. Catch a cat hump (you gotta be pretty fast).
20. Go a month without spending a dime, driving my car, or watching television.

Your turn.