Ah, the Marathon Endeth

Saturday, December 28 2002

Carrie and I just got back from ten days in Southern California.
Normally we’d only be somewhat tired after a long time away from home, but this trip was nothing short of a go-go-go marathon, leaving us exhausted.
The highlights: giving our baby a name and a blessing. Spending some quality time with my Grandma and soaking up her wisdom and family history (Grandpa might have been a spy/cracked encrypted communications in WWII?). Spending Christmas with the rest of the family. Eating Wahoos, In-N-Out, and real Mexican food (well, Southern California real). Snowboarding with my sisters. Spending nine days in the company of the wise and joyful Leah. Attending the wedding reception of a good friend, and seeing so many friends from what seems like a long time ago.
Now that the trip is over, we can relax. Travelling with a three month-old adds a layer of complexity and difficulty that was hard to fully comprehend prior to the journey, but worth the effort in the long run.