Planes and Pork Rinds

Tuesday, December 17 2002

Alaska Airlines sent me an email about their new Spirit of Disneyland

plane. On the page they’ve setup for the plane, they show how they painted it. I thought that was pretty cool, and thought it worthy of mentioning.

I’m always pretty interested in the process behind the creation of things. I used to be absolutely enthralled as a kid when a clip on how crayons are made would show up Sesame Street.

I’ve told Carrie time and time again that I want to travel around the US taking footage of factories in the process of creating something. Faucets, cell phones, pencils, pork rinds, whatever. No narration, no footage of humans, all shots designed like an illustration with a golden pallete, unravelling the mystery slowly. I could watch that stuff for days. I’m not sure I’ll get the chance to do that, so hopefully someone sees the brilliance in the idea as I do, and takes up the project. Ironically, if ever I had the ability to do it, it’s now, having both a camera and an Apple with the right stuff to do the job. I just don’t have the time.

Interesting coincidence: I was going to mention the link to the Alaska Airlines plane yesterday, but didn’t get around to it. I was looking at my logs for the day, and found that someone had ended up at my site from Google searching for “”" target="_self">Alaska Airlines Disneyland Plane</A>“, but I hadn’t even posted anything about it yet. Odd. So where did they end up? ”" target="_self">Here</A>.