Headphones = Serenity

Wednesday, December 04 2002

The guy in the cube next to me grunts a lot. He’ll be quiet for a while, and then, a series of grunts that would probably be appropriate in some place special other than his cube.

The lady in the cube behind me sings in between talking a lot on the phone. Her songs are mostly about Jesus.

The guy in the cube that I face sucks a lot of snot up into his head. I assume he was an orphan as a child, because most parents I know teach kids to blow their noses.

So I put the headphones on, because grunts make me laugh, and the man probably has an ulcer or something serious that shouldn’t be laughed at. And because I think that lines in peppy songs like “Jesus is my pal oh wow” are sacreligious. And because it digusts me to think of all the snot.

Do you have odd cube mates?