Near Perfection

Monday, November 18 2002

Now I understand. Apple has a near perfect corporate identity. It goes so deep as to dictate how a brand new iMac is packed. Down to the protective ring of foam that surrounded the smooth plastic of the expansive 17" inch wide screen. It inspires me to get creative with such a perfectly formed tool.

Which I’ve already started doing. Shortly, I’ll be creating an online video gallery of my rapidly growing and developing daughter for the benefit of those who haven’t been able to pop in from California to visit.

We’ll be shipping out some home brewed DVDs with video content, and hopefully (if I can figure it out) every photo we’ve taken of Leah since she was born. Now that I actually own one, I understand the Mac fanatics, at least somewhat.

It’s not like I couldn’t do this with a PC. I could, but the level of difficulty is magnitudes higher. I consider myself a PC expert, down to the core. Which is why I can attest of the difficulty – in order to achieve the same results on my PC as far as time and quality of output is concerned, I’d spend the same amount of money that I spent on my iMac buying a good video capture card, fast harddrive, cables and software. And that’s without taking into account that the card might not even play nice with my PC.