Communication Overload

Thursday, November 14 2002

I spent the last two days learning about some of the Macromedia MX products at a seminar, and most importantly, and hardcore session yesterday afternoon on ActionScript in Flash MX. I have to say, despite the little things that get my goat about Macromedia

now and then, Flash MX coupled with the lastest version of ActionScript is some pretty hot snot.

This is probably only really interesting to me, and in a way, is a not-so-subtle, even if I think it is, method of tooting some kind of horn, but during the seminar, the new Contribute product feature tour was displayed on the big screen. I hadn’t thought much about this new product, until the presenter clicked on something that kicked off a video of a developer talking. I studied the face, and realized immediately that this guy had given me a job interview last year, and that this Contribute product was probably the product they were so secretive about.

Part of me wishes that I could have worked on the project – it would have stretched me, and forced me to learn a lot more than I already know, but the other part of me (the meaty part) realizes that I wouldn’t have had the experience of having a child (maybe San Francisco water would have made me sterile?) and all the other cool things that have happened since then. It’s one of those things that if you think about for too long, you’ll fall asleep, and begin dreaming about lawn gnomes sawing on your legs with bucksaws.

During my two day seminar, I was out of touch with the world. Last night, and today, I counted six emails requiring attention, three new voicemails on the cell phone, and seventeen voicemails on my work phone. Apparently, when closing escrow on selling a condo, you need to be available by phone. Fancy that.