Several Thoughts of the Day

Wednesday, November 06 2002

These are the kind of things I like see. A 128MB MP3 player

the size of a pack of gum.

If a person talks too much of what one dreams, it can lead people to believe they know a little something about that person that might be better left unknown. I’m willing to risk writing about my dreams two days in a row, because damnit, it’s just so cool to dream that you’re a special intelligence photographer who’s trapped in a building in Tijuana during the great America vs. Mexico-full-on-war. And you have the nanokey! A key that can pick any lock!

New pet peeve: I really hate it when people, when opening an all glass door, palm the door on the clean glass to open it. That’s why there are handles, so the rest of us don’t have to see an oily palm print of a straight-armed neanderthal.

Wonka is a funny word. We’re only used to it, and don’t think of how funny it actually is because we’ve all grown up hearing it. Also, it’s easy to roll almost any word around in your head long enough and come to the conclusion that it sounds funny. This is a dangerous game.

I saw three joggers today running in the pouring rain. That by itself is impressive, but even more impressive – they were naked. Except for their shorts and shoes.

When driving west on SE Holgate, don’t forget to turn right before it’s too late, or you’ll be doing donuts on the island next to the hidden “Do Not Enter” sign as parents shield their childrens eyes so the crazy man in the white truck doesn’t give them a fright. Also, even though the previous warning exists in all cases, it is emphasized when there are millions of cars going millions of miles per hour all around you, and directly at you if you failed to head the warning.

Chili’s gravy in a styrofoam “take out” cup looks so much like mashed potatoes that it might fool you into thinking they gave you extra mashed potatoes. Don’t be fooled!

And finally, it’s haircut time again. The last lady who cut my hair said “This haircut will last 2 months or your next haircut is free.” I can’t remember how long ago that was, but either way, I’m going to claim it was under two months and see what she thinks about that.

I should be ashamed.

Those are headphones, not Princess Leah Hair Buns. And that’s the postage stamp size shots my T-Mobile Sidekick takes. Almost National Geographic quality.