Shame Shame

Sunday, October 27 2002

Shame on me. Michael Buffington is a terrible web site administrator. I’ve just discovered that for the past several months the contact

 page has been broken, and also, that I’ve been getting a lot of people using the page without me responding to the email it produces.

If I were my boss, I’d fire me for this offense. For those who have used the form and just assumed that I was pompous, elitist, idiotic, mildly-retarded, blind, snobbish, or, impossibly, just have so many emails I cannot respond, I apologize, and promise to reply to all of the messages that we’re luckily saved in a trash folder.

Incidentally, I’ve tried nine ways to Sunday to break into my server to retrieve these messages, and just can’t crack it. I recognize this as an invitation to those who are adept at breaking into servers, but I’m counting on the good nature of the frightfully skilled to warn me of possible security shortcomings before making my life miserable. Besides, the most you’ll find on my server is lost emails that haven’t responded to, and at this point, there’s not much you can do to worsen that situation. Also, you might find this: Mummy vs. Red Robot