Email Backlog

Sunday, October 27 2002

I joke about how unpopular I am and all, but let me tell you this: I just replied to one hundred twenty three emails, not including emails from family (I talk to them enough, no need to reply). I’m feeling like Mr. Popular right now. If I could flash a bright white toothy smile at you, I would, and I’d make the little finger-snap-point thing with accompying mouth noise.

If you know you emailed me between September and today, and you didn’t get a reply from me, then by all means I should crawl into a hole and die. But you could, once again, email me, and I swear I’ll reply. You see, I can’t be sure that the emails I replied to were the only

emails that went missing.

Oh, and I know with a high degree of certainty that if you emailed me before September that I will never see the email. I put way too much faith in my creations, and that’s what exposes the fool in me.