Cookbooks and Cookie Sheets

Monday, October 21 2002

The movers arrived on Friday, delivering all 3880 pounds of material goods we’ve managed to accumulate over the years. The husband and wife movers deserve their own chapter, with their half coyote dog, their gypsy-like lifestyle, and the husband’s extreme obsession with mobile phones (he had three on his person), but I’ll save it for another time.

Friday night, I surveyed the results of their efforts. There were two places in the apartment that you could see the floor: directly in front of the master bedroom toilet, and in the area where the front door swings in.


and Leah came home on Saturday to this mess. The immediate task was to make room for Leah’s bed. I went nuts Friday night making a bed for myself, so by midday Saturday, we could all nap in relative comfort.

The rest of the weekend was spend shifting, unpacking, organizing, and slowly reducing the box count to the point where we could see the furniture underneath.

Today, we have a nursery, a relatively clear master bedroom, an almost clear living room, and a kitchen that is almost livable. The office/guestroom is packed full of office stuff, as is the guest bathroom. It’s still going to be a big effort to finish the last mile, as it always is.

And yes, all of the above is an elaborate excuse for not having new photos of Leah up. As soon as I can set a computer up at home, I’ll be posting some new photos of the now nine pounder with kung fu action.