Some Thoughts

Friday, October 11 2002

I woke up with a line of classical music in my head this morning, and now I can’t remember it. It was high fidelity in my brain when I woke up, and now its lost forever. I still feel like a dough head. Maybe I need to drink more water.

I’m back in Oregon now, getting ready to move from our third floor apartment to a first floor apartment with an extra bedroom.

When I left Oregon three weeks ago, I left quickly. When I got back, my apartment was a symphony of cheap beeping. Two fire alarm batteries were low, the alarms sending out warning chirps at seemingly random intervals. The chirps so terse that pinpointing which alarm was sounding was difficult at best. My fax machine had recieved five spam faxes, but ran out of paper for the seven more that came. Panasonic, in an effort to sell more toner, saves unprinted faxes in memory, with no way of purging them, and sends out a shrill tone every twenty seconds reminding anyone within earshot to supply it with paper. I’m sure my house was beeping like this for at least two weeks. The fax machine is unplugged.