Maybe Not

Tuesday, September 24 2002

Well, not too fast there partner. I thought it was time, but the baby seems to have other plans. No problem, it just gives us a little more time to put a site together for the actual announcement when she comes.

I was impressed by how fast I made it from Portland to Orange County. At 10:46am the decision was made to come home, and at 3:00pm I was standing curbside at John Wayne Airport waiting to be picked up.

Prior to flying, I had packed, moved as much of the Cort rental furniture into the living room of the Oregon Remote Headquarters as possible, and tidied up my cube at work.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of Al, my technical lead at Xerox. I hadn’t figured out how I’d get to the airport, but he had, and was ready to take me without my even asking. I intend to return the favor some day.

As far as news of the new arrival is concerned, we have a list of people to call, and for those who don’t get a call, we’ll be making the announcement here, so worry not!