Chef Buffington

Saturday, August 31 2002

I’m either going to learn how to cook today, or I’m going to starve to death. I can’t stomach another Wendy’s burger, or any more nachos from Taco Bell. I have to dive right in and make myself some good wholesome food. Normally, Carrie

cooks. It’s not an old fashioned thing, she just has a talent for it. She’s the type who can look at a recipe, and decide how she wants to change it to suit her needs, or just come up with something on the fly. That’s as mysterious and amazing to me as I wish software engineering were to her (frankly, I don’t think she cares much about software engineering, other than the fact that it pays the bills).

Carrie is in California while I’m in Oregon. As always, our life is jumping all over the place. She’s in her ninth month of pregnancy, she’s selling our condo, getting ready to move, and getting ready for the new baby. You can’t help but think we’re insane sometimes.

Since she’s been gone I’ve lost about ten pounds according to the scales at Fry’s. I have a very high metabolism and gain/lose up to five pounds all the time, but I know I’m not getting the food or nutrition I need, so it’s time for action. I’m going to use to start my planning mainly because it’s the first place that comes to mind, it being the recipe site of Aaron’s wife Karen. I’m going to plan a week of meals at a time, and I’m going to force myself to learn the tricks. In a years time, I’ll be on Iron Chef.