Enough About the Tapes

Wednesday, August 21 2002

I’ve hit my boiling point. When I go to CNN

, I want new content. Daily. I don’t want to keep reading about the sixty-four tapes they obtained that show in detail the Cunning of al Qaeda.

And why should I be worried that “officials” are surprised at the advanced training al Qaeda was/is undertaking to rock our world? I’m not an official, and by gum, the second I realized that all hell was breaking loose on September 11th, I pretty quickly made the assessment that whoever was behind this wasn’t a dummy. I assumed that whoever was responsible had given this considerable planning. Officials just now being surprised that al Qaeda made a bunch of “western style city replicas” to train in is absurd. It’s what you do when you’re at war, especially when the enemy doesn’t know their at war yet. 

This continued “astonishment” aggravates the fact that CNN hasn’t reported anything interesting in the last few days. Dogs got gased. Western style building replicas. Osama has body guards. Officials are dumbfounded and stupified. Al Qaeda minions are smart. Chemical weapons very real. Blah.

And Matt, I’m sorry, but I think the stories about the tapes have little to do with Mr. Bush and his War on Terrorism or the War on Iraq: Part II. CNN thinks they have something to milk, and I say its getting close to spoiling.