Four Years

Wednesday, August 07 2002

I did a little digging and found some blog entries that were over four years old

. This screwed me up in a few ways. First, according to the rules and regulations that govern my current blog, tomorrow would have been it’s three year anniversary. The oldest entry I could find was dated June 4th 1998, so I missed my four year anniversay by a few months. Second, dang man, I sucked at writing, and I was a cocky, stubborn child.

I’m amazed out how young and stupid I sound in my entries. But, there are some interesting historical points for those who care. I talk about wanting to learn more about UI, wanting to write better, and I drop a big hint about, which was a pretty big milestone in my life, and other peoples’ lives as well. I had a dream that would be something big, but I never had an idea of how big, or all of the consequences, good and bad, that it would produce. It’s a shadow of what it was in it’s prime, but it’s still around due to some of the same dedicated people who were there towards the start.

I discovered Joe Maller, who’s blog I’ve probably been to every day since. Back in those days, it seemed that Joe and his wife lived a sort of parallel life to myself and my wife when it came to our travels. We’d been to the same places in the same order at nearly the same times. I’ve vowed to take him to lunch the next time our paths cross, I owe him one for the fun thoughts he’s provoked over the years.

I was also pretty outspoken, and loved using frames on websites. Hard to believe I wrote any of that when I read it, and man how time flies.

The scary thing is that I know, somewhere, more old blog entries of mine lie in wait to be discovered. There were at least two or three older versions of my personal site, starting as far back as 1995.