Monday, July 29 2002

We drove to the Oregon coastline this weekend. The salt smell, crash of waves, and mist reminded me that I missed home, where the beach is minutes or blocks away, and is warm and familiar.

I almost made a huge mistake when coming to Oregon. At first, I didn’t want Carrie to come. I thought she’d be bored and homesick, and I wanted her to be with her family. When I was on the road alone in New Jersey, I was bored and homesick, and ached for family, and I didn’t want Carrie to have to experience that this time around.

Carrie came, and it seems that where she is, there also is home. Despite the brief reminders of the beaches in Southern California, Oregon feels like home. Had she stayed behind, I’m convinced I’d be bored, homesick, and aching for home.