Mutual Bathroom Use Issues

Thursday, July 25 2002

Sorry for the very dull DMCA post. It’s friday, time for a funny, self revealing story about myself.

I have mutual bathroom use issues. If I’m standing at a urinal, and someone else comes in, my body, without my encouragement, shuts off. This is annoying. I do not prefer using the restroom if others are present. There’s no reason really. It really cannot be understood.

I think it stems from my childhood. Once, as a small child, I was at a major league baseball game. The bathrooms had troughs for men to aim for, and as a little kid, this was a scary place. There’s nothing scarier than being a few feet tall amongst dozens of men peeing into a trough.

That also reminds of the time I went horseback riding in Mexico as a kid. The peso was very weak then, and it cost nearly $0.35 to ride a horse with a guide for the entire day. At the end of the ride, the horses lined up to eat their hay while everyone dismounted. It took me a little longer to get off the horse, and when I finally reached the ground, there were dozens of horse bladders being emptied in unison. Terrifying.